Friday, May 2, 2014

Vince Young signs with Cleveland, does that mean no QB in the draft?

So, Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen have now inked new deals with the Cleveland Browns.  In my initial mock draft I have Cleveland taking Teddy Bridgewater, but now the question is out there, do they still need a QB?  The answer is yes!  While VY and Thigpen are vets in the NFL and Hoyer did a good job while at the helm last year, I don't think the Browns can afford passing on a talent at the #4 spot that may become the franchise QB for them.  Worst case scenario in my opinion is that they trade out and go with one of the 4 QB's on roster.  Hoyer is probably the best case scenario of those 4 QB's, with VY and Thigpen both at 30 years of age, Hoyer will be 29 soon but posted the best passer efficiency rating (PER) among the Browns QB's last year, maybe that's why he was kept when they cleaned house in the off-season.  I still believe that Cleveland takes a QB with their 1st round pick, the only question is which QB's will still be there.  

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