Friday, May 9, 2014

For the Romo Haters....

Last evening a lady on Twitter simply refused to believe that the Dallas Cowboys will be OK taking something other than a QB named Manziel in the 1st round of the 2014 Draft.  Dallas stayed put and got help on the O-Line drafting Zack Martin from Notre Dame.  Martin is a great pick up as he was one of the top 4 offensive tackles in the draft and Aaron Donald (DT) was already gone.  Martin helps shore up a line that may or may not have Brian Waters come back this year and helps not just the passing game, but also the running game. 

Manziel and Dallas would have been a huge mistake.  While Manziel is a talent, don't get me wrong, he's not the right fit for this team.   Cowboys fans have a problem when Romo does something off the field, or gets paid, yet they wanted Johnny Manziel who literally uses the rubbing of his fingers to signal "making the money" as his "Discount double check" type move if you will, even doing it when Drafted last night at #22, not #1, but #22.

I get that he's a home town boy, playing at A&M.  Troy Aikman wasn't a home town boy and did just fine.  Maybe I'm just expecting Cowboys fans to understand how the NFL works and what it takes to win games.  If you have a crappy offensive line, your offense is dead.  If your defense can't stop anyone, it shows on the scoreboard (Dallas allowed 7 different teams to score 30 or more points on them last year).  It's one thing to score points, which is all Romo/Manziel would be used for, but today, on day 2 of the draft, we need to turn the focus to defense.  I'm not buying into "Defense wins Championship" (here's an article to help you understand why) gimmick, but Dallas's strong suit to make it to the SuperBowl historically has been a balanced offense and a solid defense.  Eight SB appearances using that formula, 5 Lombardi's to go with it.  And for those that understand stats, have a look here to see where Romo finished up last year, keeping in mind he missed the final game of the season.  Who's he finish right behind?  Oh, the guy that won the Super Bowl, wow, so Romo is clearly the problem (insert sarcastic tone).

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