Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top 5 Lists... Fantasy Football...

OK everyone, so I wanted to touch on some "Top 5's" for the blog.  I did some research and the results were semi predictable.  Nonetheless here we go.

For the research, I used as they evaluate everything a player does, not just the stats we know and use for fantasy football.  A receiver for instance is judged on run blocking as well as receiving stats.  If you haven't checked out the site, go and enjoy.  Below is the link with the data.  I took only the highest FB, RB, TE and QB into account and the top 2 WR's per team.  Jerome Felton is not the highest ranked FB for Minnesota, nor is Mike Wallace the highest WR for Pittsburgh.  This is based solely on the 2012 season.  The fact that guys like Wes Welker is now with Denver is not reflected, but it's an interesting look at what Denver now has with Welker and Thomas at WR.

*Players highlighted are no longer with the team.

Top 5 "Big 3's" of the NFL in 2012 (QB/WR1/RB):
  1. Denver - Manning/D. Thomas/K. Moreno - 28.80
  2. New Orleans - Brees/L. Moore/P. Thomas - 23.37
  3. New England - Brady/Welker/Woodhead - 22.90
  4. Atlanta - Ryan/White/J. Rodgers - 22.80
  5. Seattle - Wilson/Rice/Lynch - 22.63
Top 5 HB/FB tandems of the NFL in 2012 (HB/FB):
  1. Minnesota - A. Peterson/Rhett Ellison - 22.30
  2. Baltimore - Ray Rice/Vonta Leach - 16.30
  3. Washington - Alfred Morris/Darrel Young - 13.20
  4. New Orleans - Pierre Thomas/Jed Collins - 11.95
  5. New York Giants - Ahmad Bradshaw/Henry Hynoski - 11.10
Top 5 Offensive Teams based on QB, Top 2 WR's, TE, RB, and FB (if the team used one) averaged out:
  1. Denver Broncos
  2. New England Patriots
  3. Atlanta Falcons
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Seattle Seahawks

Okay, so I mentioned Fantasy Football.  I have a pretty standard league created on, registration is free.  First 9 people (10 with myself included) that join the league are in.  The way fantasy football works is you pick players on offense including a kicker, you add a defense that counts as all defensive and special teams (returns) for that team, and you earn points based on what those guys do.  You compete against other people in the league and you have a good time.  The league is free, no prizes or anything this first year, but it's pretty entertaining and you only have to check it once a week.  The link is posted below to join.
League ID: 1526960
League Password: Connections

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