Friday, June 21, 2013

A quick jolt of thoughts....

This blog won't be long, the NBA Finals wrapped up last night with Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan failing at the end of game 7 to be clutch players and tie the game and send it to overtime.  LeBron James was able to sit under the basket on defense while his "man" was out in 3 point land, but he could sit there most of the game waiting for the rebound and not get called for 3 second violations, it's all good, guess that's why you play for home court advantage these days, it's not so much about your fans as it is the refs that will be there.  Again, the championship went to the highest bidder, feels almost like wrestling, but without the entertaining drama. 

Dallas released DE Anthony Hargrove after signing him just shy of a month ago... who knows why, not me.

Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez is not being ruled out as a suspect in a homicide that happened approximately an hour from his home.  The media in that area is already following him around as if he were O.J. and it was 1990 something again; helicopters spotlighting him as he goes from his home to Gillette stadium, and then from work back to home.  I feel horrible for him if he's innocent. 

Deacon Jones passed away recently and I wanted to make a post for him, he was amazing.  He alone made me realize that talking "trash" is just as effective if it's comical.  If you can get a guy to relax and be lazy for a second because he's thinking about what you just said, either trying to figure it out or taking it to heart, you won, for that split second, a mistake can be made, an interception thrown or fumble forced.  To all the young players out there, go and find footage of Deacon Jones.  If you're humble with yourself and don't rely on that side of the game, go find footage of Reggie White... or DeMarcus Ware when it comes to modern humble players.  I love the defensive side of the game as much as I do a good fullback (which is a lot if you know me). 

In my next post I hope to have done some research to provide a list of the best (by average finishes) offensive and defensive coordinators currently in the NFL.  I'd also like to do a similar list for "Big 3's" in the NFL, since LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh just won their 2nd championship, I'd like to take a look at the best QB/RB/WR threesomes in the modern NFL and maybe an All-Time list.  Just don't hate if your a Packer or Pats fan because you don't have a running game... or a Saints fan for that matter since you have a RB by committee. 

Anyway, those are some things I wanted to vent, so thank you for reading and I'll have more coming shortly.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my simple little blog.  Maybe one day I'll include pictures (don't hold your breathe).

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