Thursday, April 23, 2015

NFL Draft 2015

Hey everyone, sorry I've all but abandoned these blogs but thought I'd stop by and leave a note or two. 

  1. Melvin Gordon - reminds me of Emmitt Smith, but he's not the best back in this draft.  
  2. Todd Gurley - Reminds me of Adrian Peterson, but with special teams skill to boot.  He's the one I want replacing Mr. 1800 yards in Dallas, if it's not AD to begin with. 
  3. Amari Cooper - saw a few of his games for 'Bama, he's not a joke, here's the link - check him out for yourself - His career won't be as great in the NFL because Oakland will take him and kill his dreams like they do that of their fans, every year. 
  4. Jameis Winston - Overrated, any QB that can't come into the draft without a resemblance of a beer belly should just walk away and say "Damn, I messed up".  Remember the year that Clowney had last year.. oh wait, he hardly played, Jameis is version 2.0 of that, but at QB.  His football intelligence isn't up there, he didn't even have good explanations for half his 28 interceptions.  Tampa, I'd pass him up and take Mariotta, let someone else have Jamarcus Russell reborn.  
  5. Marcus Mariotta - The closest thing to Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson in this draft.  His stats speak for themselves.  Watch out for Philly moving up and trying to make something happen here.  Chip Kelly wants his QB and it's my belief that he didn't put Foles in at the end of the year to get a better draft spot.  If he's not taken #1 overall, #3 is a good spot by Jacksonville.  I'm not sold on Tennessee needing a QB at the #2 spot with Mettenberger and Locker both being young still.  
  6. Landon Collins - Safety - The Safety in this draft if you ask me and if he's still there at 27 for Dallas and #'s 1, 2, and 3 from above are gone, take this kid please and give our secondary some help.  
I'll touch more on these and other draft guys soon, I forgot how much I like writing about this stuff.  Greg Hardy's suspension hurts Dallas, but only on the field, they save money from his suspension with the way they knocked out the deal.  Will Adrian be a Cowboy?  If he is, will he break Dickerson's single season rushing record?  How will DeMarco do in Philly without our o-line?  What a way for next season to come at us.  I'm excited.  Let me know your thoughts.  

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