Saturday, July 26, 2014

Raw from 7/21

Here's what I jotted down during Raw, thank the Lord for my DVR.

I'll post the matches then the promo spots per hour.  I'll also do this for TNA Impact that I recorded on Thursday 7/24 but will do that in a separate blog.

Hour 1

Roman Reigns vs. Orton & Kane

Reigns Orton/Kane A lot of pinfall attempts, unnecessary, and punches
1 2

2 3
Kane gave away finish by constantly checking for it.   Looked for the superman punch 3 times and on the last one stayed staring at RR.
4 on 1 Alicia Fox, Eva Marie, Naomi, and someone else against Nikki Bella
Nikki Others
Whole thing reaked of suckage

Bo Dallas vs. Sandow (King James version)

Bo Dallas Sandow

Punch spot by Bo

1 1 Taunting back and forth by both guys while the other rested
1 Sandow Front chin lock

1 Taunting like he was shooting the ball

1 Taunting the crowd before an elbow drop

Promo Spots - 1st Hour ONLY

Opening Segment with HHH/Orton
Divas backstage

Steph Pre match

Steph Post Match

WWE Network Promo

Replay from Steph Post Match for the 2nd time.  
Sandow as LeBron James

Promo for Fozzy "Lights go out"

Promo for the Highlight Reel

The Highlight Reel The Wyatts attacked Y2J in the back then cut a promo

Hour 2

The Miz vs. Ziggler A few high spots, no one counts and more 2 counts than I cared for.
Miz Ziggler
Nice Figure 4 by Miz, turned out to be a decent match
Started the match by rolling out of the ring, gimmick spot
1 1 Front face lock by miz reversed to a sleeper hold from dolph
Chin Lock

1 1 Both men are down after miz misses something like a bronco buster
1 Dolph goes off, then suddenly can't get up, was he gassed?
Frustrated after a 2 count, gave ziggler a break

Paige/AJ vs. Emma/Naty

It was a better diva match than the other, but was less than 5 mins.
Paige/AJ Lee Emma/Naty

AJ Skipping around the ring with Emmas hair in her hand
Fandango vs. Zac Ryder w/Layla and Summer Rae

Fandango Ryder Quick match with Layla assisting by removing fandango's foot from the rope

Promo Spots in Hour 2

Bray Wyatt continues his Promo to start the 2nd hour
Y2J being tended by Medical, he wasn't even there on Monday night!
Flo Rida seen walking through the back, greeting the talent
HHH and Seth Rollins backstage with Cesaro
AJ Lee skipping backstage with Paige

Battleground review of Paige/AJ Lee

Paige betrays AJ with an immediate replay of course
Flo Rida Promo

Replay of Steph and Bri Bella again

Flo Rida attacking Heath Slater spot

Flo Rida "concert" he clearly had a cd going and was lip singing to it

Final Hour

Big E and Kofi vs. Rybaxl

Good seeing the crowd getting behind Ryback again with Feed me more
Big Kofi Rybaxl
Nice win by Ryback, rolling through a Kofi high spot for the pin

1 Ryback using kicks

Rusev vs. Kali

Rusev Kali

No real chance for either man to have a low spot given Kali's ring pace is malasses
Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

Ambrose Cesaro

1 Some kind of arm wrench

1 Re application of the same move

2 count and then rested

Both men down after a suicide dive through the ropes by Ambrose
Ambrose goes for a chair

Hour 3 Promo Spots including the final 20 minute spot by Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

Steph gets arrested

Replay of Steph getting arrested

HHH talking with someone named Jimmy to get Steph out
Xavier Woods recruiting Big KofE

HHH on the phone about Steph.

Replay of Bray Wyatt attacking Y2J

Rusev vs. Swagger review from Battleground

Lana attempted a promo but was interupted by Kali (this late in the show?)
Royal Pains promo cause Sheamus was in the episode
Stardust and Goldust Promo

Another replay of Steph and Bri, now adding Steph's arrest
Renee Young update on Steph

Renee Young interviews HHH about Steph

WWE Network Total Divas promo

HHH announcement on who's against Cena at Summerslam
Paul Heyman shows up with Option C

And there you have it, let's do a quick break down:
Total Matches: 9, so 3 per hour
Total Promo spots: 36 (Bray Wyatt was counted 1 times as his just continued into the second hour)... so 12 Promo spots per hour.  I bet TNA does a bit better job on that front. 
Total "Rest Spots": 38 divided by 9 matches, that's over 4 per match and the saddest part is, I didn't count them in the Divas match or in a couple of matches.  So that number goes up to about 7 per match where I counted them.   Here's hoping TNA does better.

And a final note:  WWE, if you just showed us something, don't immediately do a replay, you're not the NFL, NBA, etc, you made that clear when you said you were "Sports Entertainment", so quit acting like you need instant replay to show us literally what just happened, we saw it when it happened, remember, like a few seconds ago when it happened.  Quit showing the same clip of a story nobody cares about in Steph vs. anyone, she's not an in-ring performer and the whole "arrest" gimmick was about as real as her "puppies" to use the old WWF term for a woman's chest.  And last but certainly not least, decide if Bray is a heel or a face and please quit acting like the WWE Universe is full of naive idiots.  Jericho wasn't there, it was all over the dirt sheets etc that he wasn't in the back, so amazingly you have footage of him getting jumped, please be more original, if you have to leave a story alone for a week or two, then do so, you still have Rowan and Harper in tag competition and Bray can cut a promo on an absent Y2J, problem solved.  It just felt horrible watching the Wyatts try to do anything, like watching Kali, ever. 

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