Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 and 2014 Draft

So, I know it's been a while since I posted, I apologize as I got wrapped up in classes this semester and also with the NFL season itself.  Now there are 2 weeks left in the regular season and I'm pretty sure Dallas will find some way to blow their slim playoff chance for this year as they have done the past few years.  Week 17 and we face a win and in situation and we get blown out showing completely that we don't want to win.  The players want to of course, but the game plan sucks to get us there.  More on that subject later. 

For now, here are the final grades I gave to teams based on their 2013 drafts, this does not include undrafted free agents signed by the team nor does it reflect trades and free agency signings by each team.  You'll notice Dallas is 2nd on the list, this isn't to say that they had the 2nd best draft, but based on the players rankings where I had them ranked and the average of those players.  You can have 8 really awesome picks and 2 that were super low rated by me and those 2 kill the average.  Seattle had a slim crop of draft picks and so the few that were bad hurt them. 

Rank Team Average Grade
1 Jets 69.82 A+
2 Cowboys 65.52 A+
3 Rams 64.87 A
4 Chargers 64.12 A
5 Eagles 62.80 A
6 Cardinals 61.81 A-
7 Vikings 61.46 A-
8 Titans 61.40 A-
9 Panthers 60.30 A-
10 Saints 60.22 A-
11 Bengals 57.04 B+
12 Jaguars 56.01 B+
13 Bills 55.16 B+
14 Dolphins 54.24 B
15 Bears 53.53 B
16 Colts 53.21 B
17 Redskins 53.07 B
18 Ravens 52.78 B
19 Giants 52.70 B
20 Buccaneers 51.48 B-
21 Broncos 51.23 B-
22 Lions 50.17 B-
23 Steelers 49.46 C+
24 Texans 49.30 C+
25 Falcons 49.04 C+
26 Chiefs 48.06 C+
27 Patriots 47.80 C+
28 49ers 47.30 C+
29 Raiders 44.94 C
30 Browns 43.71 C
31 Packers 40.65 C-
32 Seahawks 38.74 F

Now please keep in mind that these are purely rankings from pre-draft information. 

If you have questions, let me know in the comments and I'll gladly share the player rankings per team. 

Now, it's time to look ahead to the class of 2014.  I haven't compiled my list or even started on it, but know that my list this year will take into affect aspects of what I feel a team needs.  There are 17 positions on a team if you generalize OT, OG, S, Returner instead of breaking them down as LT, RT, LG, RG, etc.  Taking that into consideration, I'll formulate a value based on the weakest performance from per position per team so that a "needs" list can be generated.  This will then take the top overall need for a position, let's say Dallas needs a safety above all else, this will then put the highest value on the safety and if you multiply that value times the players rank you'll have a better sense of how that player will help the team.  Any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment in the section below. 

Now, I want to take a note and talk about wrestling.  I'm not sure how many of you saw the WWE pay-per-view(PPV) TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) this past Sunday (the 15th of December), I had what I had hoped would be the privilege of watching a PPV that should launch the company into it's annual "Road to Wrestlemania" PPV string.  This PPV was pretty much trash.  There were no titles to swap hands.  There were two matches that were a 3-on-1 handicap matches with the two mini-stables the company currently has, the Wyatt Family and The Shield (images below).  Both of those matches the winner was clearly predetermined based on hype going into the match with CM Punk beating the Shield (which somehow couldn't be beat by teams of superstars before like Cena, Ryback, and Daniel Bryan together but now could be beaten by a single person) and Daniel Bryan losing to the Wyatt Family.  The main event was a unification match of the WWE Title and the World Heavyweight Championship.  Randy Orton was the WWE champ and John Cena was the World champ, it was the only match of the entire event that involved the "theme" TLC.  No other matches were even no disqualification rules or anything special.  The match between Orton and Cena ended with John Cena doing his best impersonation of someone who had actually been beat up, as he laid with his head against a propped up table, Orton had handcuffed him to the lowest rope, and after Cena managed to undo the bottom turnbuckle in an attempt to get to the ladder in the middle of the ring, Orton hopped down from the ladder and "tugged" Cena off the ladder where he then hit his head against the propped up table.  Being a fan of the NFL and having seen concussions in all sports, Cena was and is fine.  Orton then took what felt like 15 minutes to milk his way to the top of the ladder and obtain both belts. 

People, watch TNA iMPACT! on Thursdays to see better creative work and better wrestling in my opinion, post your thoughts below. 

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